IONA MCAULEY  designer

Broken Colour

Same Cat 2013, Directed by Michael McCall, Set & Costume Design Iona McAuley, Photo by Skye Wayte

Independent Theatre Association



Iona McAuley’s set design was quite simple, but her costume strategy was very clever. Gareth’s costume matched his aura, Olivia was arty, Eliza a little frumpy and with the ‘little girl lost’ feel to her outfit and the many bit parts had a great deal of thought put into them.


With little time to establish the characters, the costumes for each had to instantly portray the person’s personality and demeanour – Iona achieved this most successfully.


A stunning, gripping play wonderfully produced.

Aussie Theatre



Iona McAuley’s set includes an interesting installation piece made of strands of colorful bits of twisted paper hung from a rectangular frame above the rear portion of the stage to form a kind of curtain. It’s a piece that could have been made by either the artist or the patient and inhabits both worlds.

The Au Review



Finally another point I liked about the production was the set design and lighting. Like many of the productions I have seen at the Blue Room, it was simple but functional, with little to distract from the events unfolding on stage. I also felt that Olivia’s art studio was a nice touch, with the lighting against the hanging shards of paper creating a beautiful effect.