IONA MCAULEY  designer



Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Directed by Phillip Mitchell

Costume Design Matthew McVeigh


I made the head piece and stilts for the Salinity costume designed by Matthew McVeigh for the Production of Farm.  The headpiece and stilts were produced using pvc pipe heated and moulded into the shape of a trunk and roots of a tree.  Salt was added to the barrell of the stilts which slowly released from the bottom so that Salinity could draw with it.  

Sweeney Todd


Directed by Crispin

Set Design Nikita Lewis

Costume Design Iona McAuley


Costume Designs for Sweeney Todd and preliminary drawings.  The director requested that the characters belong to a dog eat dog world but still providing a sense of a class system within the world in the costume design. The patchwork costume idea evolved from this initial idea.  The costumes were to reflect the silhouette of the period rather than to be absolute in their accuracy of the times and the ensemble were to look like they could have been made from a pile of rubbish.  

The costumes were made by the WAAPA costume department. 



The Danger Age

Deckchair Theatre

Directed by Sally Richardson

Co-Production Design Matthew McVeigh and Iona McAuley


A muted colour palette was chosen for the costumes to compliment the Australian rural landscape in the set design with authenticity to the World War 2 period the play was set.  The costumes were sourced rather than made from scratch.